Checking The Garage Door Calgary For Maintenance Or Repair

Like windows and doors, garage doors also need maintenance after a certain time and if not given attention, conditions might go worse. Change in environmental conditions would affect the performance and functionality of the components. But unfortunately, people do not pay attention on this fact until their garage doors encounter a problem. They decide to go for maintenance when there is something wrong with the doors i.e. they follow reactive approach.

In garage door Calgary maintenance, price tends to be an important factor that depends upon the complexity and intensity of the problem. Sometimes, homeowners are concerned about the repair cost and end up with having a lot of confusions of whether to hire a professional or not. They also search for other ways to avoid high repair or maintenance cost. One of the best ways to do so is to perform garage door inspection on yearly basis. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Check all fasteners, hinges and re-secure wherever needed
  • Brush dirt and dust from springs and cables
  • Survey tracks for dents/damage and decide about repair or maintenance as needed
  • Spray lubricants on rollers along with checking for sloping or damage
  • Check door’s balance
  • Spray lubricants on the screw or chain of the garage door

Checking the balance of the door tends to be one of the most important yet difficult steps for a do-it-yourselfer. If homeowners do not have enough knowledge, it is recommended to go for hiring an expert and preserving the efficiency and effectiveness of the springs, automatic garage door opener and cables. So, to check balance of a garage door Calgary, here is the process:

  • The first thing to do is to disconnect door from the automatic door opener.
  • Move the door up and down slowly in smooth/steady motion. Analyze whether the door is moving freely or it has some banging, sticking or friction. Does the door make noise or doe the rollers/hinges squeal or squeak?
  • If the garage door Calgary has squeals/squeals and jerky motion, maintenance becomes necessary.
  • Lift the door to knee level and examine if the second roller rests in the curved section of the track and whether it is steady at knee level or not.
  • If the answers are not satisfactory, cable or spring repair is needed.

The rule of thumb is to keep check over the performance of the garage doors and perform maintenance whenever needed. When it comes to safety and security, a quality garage door is what the home needs. It won’t make sense if the door is faulty while the rest of the home is protected. Intruders can find their way into the home. Even, energy efficiency should also be taken into consideration, especially when the weather is quite intense. To avoid such situations, experts suggest to make some investment and work on their maintenance to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Protection of heat loss: Lowering energy cost/use
  • Restricting mice or other small animals to enter the place
  • Maximum security for vehicles and other big items
  • Reduction of further door damages (due to heavy wind, ice)

Allow automatic door openers to work efficiently and properly