Door Repairing Tips Followed By Garage Door Repair Service Pros

Maintaining and up-keeping your garage doors are as important as maintaining and up-keeping your homes. If you find it hard to lift and lower your garage doors and see things are not working as per your expectation, then you should understand that it’s time to get in touch with a garage door repair Calgary service provider and get a professional servicing done.

While you’ll certainly call a pro from the garage door repair Calgary service centres, to get the work of servicing done, there’s no harm in knowing and understanding some of the DIY garage door repairing tips yourself. To start of let us first understand the garage door structure and its functioning. Garage doors are mainly comprised of two parts – the door itself and the door opener unit. Overhead garage doors either roll up in sections or there’s single piece of the door that goes up. There are metal tracks along the garage wall along which the door moves and the heavy-duty door spring does the work of lifting up your garage door. Repairing a garage door to function properly is quite simple and is not a very big deal.

The first thing that a garage door repair Calgary professional does is, checking the metal tracks along the garage. They closely examine the brackets that are mounted onto the wall to hold the tracks. If the tracks appear loose, then the screws and bolts are tightened with a socket. It is also important to examine whether there are any kind of crimps, dents or flat spots on along the tracks. If the roller tracks appear damaged and deteriorated with constant use, then it should be replaced.

The next important thing that garage door repair Calgary service providers ensure is that the tracks are not misaligned. Both the horizontal and the vertical tracks should be at the same height on the garage walls. While the horizontal tracks are slightly inclined downward toward the back of the garage, the vertical section should stand upright. If the tracks are not properly aligned, the professional loosens the screws and bolts, taps the track to their respective positions using a hammer, tightens the screws and bolts and then rechecks the alignment.Once the alignment is corrected, the tracks are cleaned to remove the accumulated dirt and hardened grease to ensure smooth functioning.

Additionally, garage door repair Calgary service professionals also check for loose hardware and tightens them as needed. In case of swing-up doors, they tend to check the door plates to make sure that the screws are tight, and for roll-on doors, they check the hinges and tighten loose screws or replace damaged hinges, as may be necessary and appropriate.

Apart from the door itself, if it’s the door opener unit that’s causing the problem then a garage door repair Calgary service professional might consider looking into the door opener springs, the limit screws, whether or not there are any door adjustment issues etc. Additionally, they might also lubricate the screws, hinges, springs and other moving parts to ensure proper functioning. But if your door opener unit is quite old and has been completely damaged, then professionals might prefer replacing your old unit with a new one.