Everything To Know About Torsion Springs For Calgary Garage Door Repair

While operating garage doors, torsion springs play a significant role in making their operation effortless and smooth. High quality springs ensure easy opening and closing of the door, meaning that homeowners can enjoy safety and security in their homes. Sometimes, people do not recognize the significance simply because they are unaware of what garage doors do, how torsion springs affect the performance of garage doors and how they have to be repaired. Let’s move on and know everything about torsion springs.

Mechanism Of Torsion Springs

Garage door torsion springs work like simple springs that store mechanical energy for grip and efficiency. The springs keep energy by using a twisting or rotating motion and the best thing about torsion springs is their ability to store greater amount of energy as compared to conventional springs. Since they are made of denser material, homeowners do not have to go for Calgary garage door repair after a few months. They can enjoy long lasting benefits with efficiency and effectiveness.


Torsion springs are usually installed horizontally above the garage door opening that add comfort and ease in operating doors. When a homeowner pulls down the door, the cable (attached at the lower corners) force the torsion springs to wind up, thus energizing the system. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and the energy is transferred to the door, helping the door to lift up.

Tension And Lifecycle Ratings

With the passage of time, the steel in the springs starts to weaken and the door becomes heavy for them to control. If homeowners do not pay attention to this issue and keep on using the springs, they would end up with breaking the springs, thus leaving the garage door closed. Calgary garage door repair is necessary to avoid this avoid- even, torsion springs are affected by cold weather and rust.

Risks And Dangers

When the torsion springs of the garage door break, homeowners would have to deal with problems in handling and ensuring proper use of the doors. Broken torsion springs may fall immediately, causing injury or death of the inhabitants. According to the Calgary garage door repair experts, the most common risk of having broken torsion springs is to go for replacing or repairing the garage doors by the homeowners themselves. The reason behind is the lack of knowledge and technical skills that allow people to handle the door. Since they do not know the technique of removing the door, it would be dangerous if they use tools without any assistance or guidance.


As mentioned earlier, homeowners should either have to get technical knowledge about Calgary garage door repair or go for hiring specialists in order to get satisfactory results. This will not only allow them to make their installation efficient but, they will be able to ensure safety and security of their property and belongings.