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As a homeowner, you know that your house is made a home when all its parts are in good working condition. A faulty or broken garage door cable can be concerning, especially if you have little ones or small pets. Sprint Garage Doors specializes in residential and business garage door installations and repairs. Our service techs are highly qualified in servicing and maintaining all makes and models of doors and garage door cables. Our service is second to none, and we offer round the clock services for those unexpected emergencies.

Knowing When Repairing Your Garage Door Cable is Necessary

There are several warning signs associated with garage door cables. These are signs that it may be time to repair or replace the parts in your garage door. Some of these early warning signs are:

How to Know if Your Garage Door Cable Needs Repair

Homeowners should have a close eye on potential warning signs that can effect on your garage door cables. The warning signs are:

  • Failure of the door to open even when the opener is working properly
  • Frayed, worn or broken strands in the garage door cable
  • Broken springs that has imbalanced the door

Garage door cables are not something you think about every day, but they are an important part of the machinery of your garage door. At the first sign that your cables may be wearing, call Sprint Garage Doors. We can perform emergency inspections and draw up an informational sheet detailing the suggested next steps.

Emergency Services

All across Calgary, Sprint Garage Doors will provide same-day emergency repair services to make your garage doors like new again. Whether you seek a new garage door cable, or you would rather replace your garage doors in entirety, Sprint Garage Doors will happily assist you.

  • Professional & licensed technicians
  • Exceptional product quality
  • Fair & honest pricing
  • Same day emergency service
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Experts in all types of door systems

Why it is Important to Hire Professionals

Garage door cables are not child’s play. Repairs of this nature should always be made by trained professionals. Our trained technicians know what types of garage door cables will interchange with the variety of makes and models available today. Also, our trained techs can let you know if replacing the cable is actually necessary. Many times, a garage door cable can be refurbished to be like new again. If there are any other issues that could hamper the use of your garage doors, we can identify those and help you avoid an emergency later down the road.

Free Service Call - SprintGarageDoors Calgary

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