Important Information About Garage Doors

When it comes to renovation the old home or construction a new one, selection of garage door tends to be an important decision as it is about ensuring security along with beauty of the home. Since the garage doors Calgary are available in a wide variety, it is your responsibility to analyze your needs and then make a decision. If you want a door that can just add elegance to the home, your choice would be different from what other homeowner would choose to ensure security with appearance.

Even, the method of their installation differs because they have different types of components that need varied tools. Here are some more information about the garage doors Calgary.


The prices of garage doors Calgary vary with the size and type of the door. A basic steel garage door panel is normally priced less than $400, a wooden panel garage door costs less than $600 while, the steel garage or custom wooden doors range between $1,200 and $10,000. For installation, you would need to start with spending $100.

Garage Door Opener System

With a number of garage door manufacturers, it is always difficult to make a good decision because every door has its own benefits and features that create confusion of which type of go with. To deal with the problem, all you have to do is to visit Sprint Garage Door web site and ask their experts to help you in selecting a suitable type of garage door.

DIY Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door might seem to be a moderately difficult task. However, with technical knowledge and needed tools, you can make this DIY project successful. If you are going to do it on your own, be sure to hire experts for dealing with the torsion spring as it can be dangerous.

During the garage door installation, you have to read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly and make sure to follow them so as to avoid any mishap or damage. The mistake that most of the do-it-yourselfers have to deal is the twisting or binding. When tracks and rollers start to appear as sign of wear and the door binds or shudders while opening and closing, you need to check the installation process again as there is something you have either done wrong or left incomplete.

Not Nails, Use Lag Screws

Sprint Garage Doors recommends you to use lag bolts for framing and track hangars but do not tighten them as you might have to adjust them sooner or later. Always use lag screws instead of nails because they provide more security along with allow the parts to move easily. Your next step should be to assemble the lift motor system for which, there are two options: screw-driven and chain driven actuators. If you ask the professionals, they would suggest you to go with chain driven system as it is easy to repair and reliable. Even, you can easily reduce their length according to your requirements. Just cut the bar and shorten the chain and you are good to go.