Some Simple DIY Tips To Maintain Your Garage Doors Opener

Garage door is an integral part of your home. People these days prefer the convenience of automatic garage doors over the manually operated ones. These new and modern types of doors require periodic maintenance. Wondering on ways to check and maintain your garage door opener to ensure smooth and proper functioning? Here’s a ready-to-use checklist for you to get started.

Handling Emergencies: First of all, check whether your garage door opener is well-equipped to handle emergencies or not? There might be a power cut off and you need to lift up and lower your garage door manually. Or, your door opener stops working all of a sudden and you need to open the door. What do you do? In order to handle these kinds of emergencies, attach an emergency cord to deactivate the door. Additionally have some kind of handles or step plate attached to the door so that you can lift and lower the same manually as and when necessary.

Free Movement: Next observe whether or not your garage door is lifting up and lowering down smoothly. It should be free of all kinds of jerks and should not make any kind of noises while operating. In case you notice any kind of abnormality then you should consider tightening the roller tracks and the screws and bolts. Alternatively, if you see that roller tracks of your garage door opener has deteriorated then you should get it replaced immediately.

Inspecting the hardware and adjusting the door balance: On an average a garage door opens and closes a number of 5-10 times in a day. That’s a lot of movement and considering the heavy weight these door springs and hardware lifts up, it’s natural for the hardware and different moving parts to get loose and wear off. So check the door springs, examining the different moving parts and tightening or replacing the same as necessary. Clean and lubricate all moving parts to ensure longevity and seamless operation.

Also check the garage door balance. If the same is not properly balanced, then the garage door opener will neither work smoothly nor will it last long. In order to test the door balance, disconnect the door opener by pulling the handle and moving it halfway up. If the door does not stay up there, then you understand that the springs and not properly balanced. It’s best to get the spring adjustment done by a professional.

Testing safety feature: Automatic garage door opener comes with an inbuilt auto-reverse feature. It is important to test that this feature works properly. Put any kind of obstacle on the right under the opener. With the door in an open position, press the close button. The door should stop halfway down and reverse within a couple of second. If it works accordingly, then fine. If not, then you might have to adjust the screw on the down limit and turn it clockwise by a quarter.

Check the weather sealant: Each garage door has a weather sealant at the bottom. While checking the same if you see that this rubber strip has cracked then replace it right away. Purchase rubber strips from any hardware store, cut it in the required size and insert it with a wide angle inside the door.

Keep you doors clean: Lastly, it is important to clean your garage door on a periodic basis with mild detergent added to some warm water. This prevents the dirt from accumulating and damaging the garage door opener.

By following these simply garage door maintenance tips you can keep the doors safe and in good condition for years to come.