Steps to Make Your Garage Door Installation Safe

Companies that used to sell garage doors also offer full time services, consisting of removal of old doors and garage door installation. Because garage doors are quite heavy, large and need technical knowledge to be installed properly, Sprint Garage Doors suggest homeowners to hire professional services because going with DIY project may cost in terms of both, money and time. However, if you are having enough knowledge to remove the old garage door and install a new one, then go ahead.

The garage doors are normally equipped with torsion spring systems that ensure safety in adjustment as compared to normal torsion spring models. Be careful with the standard torsion spring system as it has extreme tension that would be dangerous to deal with. For this, you have to call the experts. Below is the guide that will help you in ensuring proper garage door installation.

  1. Attach the weatherstripping at the lower edge of the garage door panel and fix it with nails so that they can keep their place. Place hinges at the upper edge of the door if they don’t have.
  2. Since garage doors are provided in pieces, you have to assemble them for the horizontal, vertical and curved tracks, according to the manufacturer’s manual.
  3. During garage door installation, make sure that you have installed the necessary brackets and rollers on the garage doors so that the door will remain strong, sturdy and provide safety to the home.
  4. Now, install the second section with the helper to lift it to the required level and fasten the hinges placed at the first section to the lifted portion. You can use a nut driver or screwdriver to make the fastening simpler and easier.
  5. Repeat the steps and install the third portion of the garage door. Make sure that the door is properly leveled so that it can be plumbed on the vertical track. Attach the vertical tracks to the wall and make sure that they are in good position.
  6. Attach and fasten the jamb brackets to the vertical tracks and ensure that the lag screws are efficient in sound framing. The thing to remember is not to tighten the screws because you might have to adjust the tracks in the future.
  7. Install the horizontal and curved tracks and make sure that the pieces are bolted properly. If needed, you can place the horizontal track at the top of the ladder.
  8. Check that the horizontal track is leveled and if there is a rear track hanger, cut it to the required level for providing support to the track. Screw the hanger to strengthen framing (a blocking or ceiling joist) and mount the track loosely on the hanger.

Make your garage door installation efficient and safe by working on the aforementioned steps. You will be rest assured about the protection of your home as the garage doors can offer the required level of safety. Or else, you can log on to Sprint  Garage Doors for expert assistance.