Tips to Choose High Quality Garage Door Openers Calgary

Having a garage door is not a problem as long as it remains functional and efficient in fulfilling its claims. People can live a comfortable life until their garage doors are working properly, meaning that every component is working in the way it needs to be. Automatic garage door openers Calgary could be the most prominent and crucial part that needs a lot of attention and care. Since the component is responsible for smooth and quiet opening/closing of the door, it has to be replaced immediately after any problem arises.

The primary function of garage door openers Calgary is to handle heavy weight of the doors and guide drivers to bring their vehicles in or out of the place. Apart from this, garage door openers are necessary to ensure safety and security. Homeowners are rest assured about their homes and vehicles no matter whether they are going or when they come back. The openers make sure that no one could open the garage door except the inhabitants.

Garage door Opener Purchase

In order to avail of these facilities, homeowners are required to make intelligent purchase after consideration several aspects that ensure satisfactory results based on the needs and situations.

First of all, they have to decide on the drive-trains that are available in three varieties:


  • Commonly used and cheaper type
  • Makes a lot of noise among three garage door openers
  • Needs frequent maintenance- tightening or oiling


  • Less noisy but most expensive
  • Provided with lesser moving parts as compared to chain drive
  • Works well when the garage is below or adjacent to the living space

Screw Drive

  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Fewest moving parts due to which, needs least maintenance
  • Best for heavier garage doors

In addition to noise level, maintenance requirements and drive-train, there are various other considerations that can help homeowners to make the final choice. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Horsepower- depends upon the weight and size of the garage door
  • Battery back-up: to access power outage events
  • Rolling code system: suitable for keyless entry pads to avoid intrusion
  • An extension kit- For larger doors than 7 feet
  • Separate control panels for interior lighting
  • Dual-frequency remote controls- for minimizing cross over/potential interference with neighborhood’s garage door openers Calgary

Every single component mentioned above has great significance in making a decision. They are responsible for ensuring satisfactory performance, durability and reliability of the garage doors. However, what if everything is fine except their installation? What would be the consequences? Well, all efforts would go in vain because if the garage doors are not installed properly, they would not work properly and so do the garage door openers Calgary.

In order to avoid this problem, it is always recommended to hire professionals who have years of experience, expertise and equipment to handle every situation. Homeowners just have to let them know about their requirements and they would plan things accordingly.