Tips to Consider While Installing the New Garage Doors

To replace old garage doors, you need to have technical knowledge about how to remove the existing garage door and what are the pre-requisites of installing a new one. Since the doors are heavy, you need to be really careful while carrying them. Even, you should be efficient enough to decide when is the right time to execute the plan and what should be steps to install it because every door has its own installation method.

So, if you have decided to replace the garage doors on your own, pay attention to what door manufacturers have done. They have created a separate range for do-it-yourselfers, consisting of lighter garage doors with easy-to-handle torsion springs. Apart from that, have a look at the following tips:

Clearing the Garage

Before starting the project, you have to make sure that the garage is having enough space to allow you to work freely. Take the cars out and place everything in such a way that they do not fall down when you are working.

Remove the Old Door

If your garage door is having a standard torsion spring, don’t think of removing it on your own. The spring is more like a weapon and can cause severe injuries because you are not an expert, but just a person having basic technical knowledge to replace the garage doors. To complete this task, it is recommended to hire professionals as they have all the required equipment and know the techniques to safely remove the spring.

Inspect and Prepare the Garage Door Frame

After removing the old door, the next step is to check the frame for rotting. If the frame is damaged, replace it as well. For installing new door, you have to add a square and solid frame so as to ensure that the frame can work for a longer period of time.

Check the Layout of the Door

Since this is your first DIY project to replace the garage door, make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s manual to know how to attach parts and what can go wrong if you place any part at the wrong place.

Hardware and Fastening

High quality garage doors are necessary to keep your valuables safe and secured. Not only that, your children will be able to freely play near the door. For this, you have to purchase hardware that is authenticated by the manufacturer and every hardware has to be new. Fasteners should be tight but make sure that nothing is stripped.


For proper assembly, all you have to do is to read the instructions and follow the diagrams.

Since the garage door tends to be the biggest mechanical system in the home, you should take some time in selecting every component. After installing the first part, make sure that it is leveled or else, it would affect the other sections as well.

Set the Weather-Stripping

Once the task of installing the lower portion is completed, it’s time to place the weather-stripping with nails.

Spring Adjustment and Final Inspection

Make sure that the spring is installed properly because it is responsible for providing strength to the garage door. After finishing the entire project, inspect everything for the final time. Check whether everything is done properly or not. If there is any problem, contact the experts at